Thursday, September 5, 2013

Corozal Classic Dance & Education 2013 September Blog

After almost 5 years of living in Belize and viewing both the country and the people I’ve discovered that this is still a beautiful country. Teaching children as I do in this small town of Corozal, Belize, you get to meet a lot of people that the normal visitor would miss. The small idiosyncrasies and the cultural makeup of this community would enlighten anyone who is interested in mixed cultures.

School has started back at the ballet studio Corozal Classic Dance & Education( ), which was founded in 2009. We have grown from nine children up to around 30. We have an age range from 4 to 20 and so the comments that the children and their parents make can be fascinating. Each new school semester brings both old students and new students.

It is a challenge to learn the different names of the children. Was a culture that is mixed with Spanish, English, Mayan, Chinese and Hindu there are many difficulties getting the names right. The children find it funny but my tongue still gets twisted.

To see all these different people get along and live happily and enjoy something as simple as dance lessons the big show at the end of the year really brightens your day and makes the work worthwhile. It is really heartwarming to see how the family system works here. You can tell that each child is loved dearly by each member of their family. Aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters everybody takes part in raising the children in the family.

As with most little girls they are fascinated with sparkly things and each year it is a joy to find costumes and music with which to both teach and entertain these growing minds.

This year we plan to do production of the Nutcracker. Each girl have a special part in the show and their parents look forward to the event. Usually tickets are sold to family members to help raise money to pay for the ballroom where the event will take place. Decorators are brought in two make the stage presentable and chairs placed throughout the ballroom for seating for all the spectators. The event usually brings around 250 people.

The support that is shown by community to help grow this learning experience is exceptional. With each passing year it has been profound to see the interest in something as simple as ballet. The children are like sponges and soak up anything you teach them. It is a pleasure to enlighten their bright minds.

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