Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The People of Belize are saying “No” To GMO’s

Belize is a country filled with many fresh vegetables, tropical fruits and fresh fish from the clean waters off the coast.  However when the people discovered that GMO’s where being grown in Belizean the  Government step in and burned the field and seeds where the GMO’s where growing.

Government of Belize at this time has decided to ban all GMO’s seeds until they can do further studies to determine the health effects of these types of crops will have on the health of its population.

Although Belize is a small country they’re very health conscious. The idea of genetically modifying a seed so it crops will be a higher yield because the seeds have had their genes modified to make them more acceptable to Round up for better pest control was not acceptable to many locals. There’s has been a large movement of both local Belizeans and others who do not want GMO’s crops. The people and the government has been behind these movements to fight the GMOs to date and have done a good job banning of the seeds and burning any crops that have been tested as being a GMO’s seed or crop.

The children here enjoy the fresh fruits and vegetables greatly. You’ll see them after school walking home with a mango or corn a stick. They even eat their mangoes green with pepper and salt.

There’s been a great movement on Face book to collect people in Belize who are completely against the thought of and the use of GMOs. It has had great success and now has over 2000 members. The group is called BAGMO, which means Belizeans against Genetically Modified Organisms. You can go on to their Face book page and look at their about page and find a detailed explanation of what this group stands for. Here’s the link:  http://www.facebook.com/groups/bagmo/

The overall health of the country has been a worry of both the people and the government. It is wonderful to see to groups work together to find a working together  which has been reported to have an effect on a person health over a long term.  Belize is still a country with democratic laws where elections are taken very seriously and the people still have a say in their government and their lives. Although everything is not perfect it’s still warm, inviting and home.  You better BELIZE it!

If would like more information on GMO’s simply go to your search engine and type GMOs’ as there has been many article written on the subject.

We have heard many new residents talk about how health they where after being in Belize over time. I just guess that the body can take care of itself if we take care of what we put into our bodies.

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