Friday, November 22, 2013

Experience Living Among the Mennonites of Belize

It is a unique experience like no other to find yourself living and working among the Mennonites of Belize. If you have not had the chance to experience it, come on over.

The Mennonites, immigrated to Belize around 1958 from Germany, Russia, Canada, Mexico, Switzerland, and the United States and various other areas as well. They decided to make Belize their home due to the excellent farm land. Most importantly though was the Belizean government agreed not to subject them to property taxes, military services or most importantly not to sacrifice their religious beliefs.

The Mennonites are a people of strong faith. They take their beliefs to heart in everything they do. The groups that live in Belize live a simple lifestyle: no power, horse and buggies, modest homes, and hardworking is just some of the things that separate them from mainstream world. The Mennonites run their own villages, schools, businesses and churches. They work Monday thru Saturday and Sunday is their day of rest and can be found in church worshiping and praising God. They speak English in the work force and while trading with others but in the privacy of their homes and church they speak German. They are a polite group of people who believe in helping their neighbors through work and deed.

While being the minority of only about 3.6% or around 50,000 people they are a major part of Belize’s economy. They provide 60% or more of the food produced in the Belizean stores as well as their own roadside market stands. All of the food they produce is completely natural and organic. Only the best of quality will do. They also produce chickens and supply milk to the markets from their dairies. Here is another great health benefit; their milk is fresh and raw, which means it is full of the healthy natural cultures your body needs. They also make fresh cheeses for sale from their dairies. I have also heard that they grow the sweetest watermelons one has ever tasted. I heard that they sell the purest and most natural ice cream in the world. Now, that is something worth traveling for, organic foods and tasty ice cream.

The Mennonite men are very talented in craftsmanship. You can see this talent in the homes of Belize as well as the furniture. The houses are built from the local wood and resources which they have sawed using their saw mills. Are you looking to help leave a smaller footprint on the world then the Mennonites of Belize are doing just that.

If you are looking for a healthier more peaceful way of life than look no further than Belize. The Mennonites are always ready to serve and to trade with their neighbors. So come experience life among the Belizean Mennonites and allow them to contribute to your new way of life, healthier organically grown foods, hand crafted furnishings ,top notch houses and let’s not forget the most delicious tasting ice cream you may have ever had. What are waiting for? Come live among the Mennonites. See you there.

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