Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The Journey to Serenity & Paradise

Many of us in the United States have a longing to live in a warm paradise with palm trees swaying in the Caribbean breeze. What started as a conversation among a group of old friends several years ago is now a reality. Our journey to paradise has been a labor of love for friends and family.

After the discussions to develop a vision and concept for a move to Belize, a location was chosen in the northern part of the country in the District of Corozal. At the intersection of Serenity Road and Paradise Road our friend and developer went to work purchasing and building what is now Serenity Paradise Belize.

Our little community development family has finally reached the point where we packed our bags in Alabama, drove to Atlanta and boarded our flight to live in paradise…Serenity Paradise, that is! After a three hour flight from Atlanta we started a new chapter in our lives…welcome to Belize!!!

We even have a small hotel to facilitate our visitors and prospects as they take a look around and contemplate the possibility of joining our community. The Copper Bank Inn is where “Miss Elizabeth” brought a little “Southern Hospitality” from Auburn, Alabama to help make this journey a home away from home!

Being the newest arrivals in a foreign country has had its share of adventure sprinkled in with the palm trees and sea breezes. If you have never crossed a river with your car on a hand cranked ferry…you are in for a treat. Going shopping in Corozal Town and the neighboring villages has been affectionately named the “Scavenger Hunt” by our Serenity Paradise family. Shopping in Central America takes a little patience and ingenuity, along with some creativity. There is no longer the fast paced drive to Walmart for a quick shopping event. Hopefully Miss Elizabeth will share all of her shopping secrets with you as you settle into this tropical setting.

When you hear folks talking about Belize being “Mother Natures’ best kept secret”…they are not kidding! The Mennonites here produce the best food on Earth. At the Copper Bank Inn our local Belizean cooks in Miss Elizabeth’s kitchen are truly gifted in the culinary arts of the Caribbean.

Maybe it is time for you to come to paradise for some of the serenity and hospitality. Then you can see for yourself what we call “the last best deal in the Caribbean!”

By: Bill Roughton

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