Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Serenity Paradise, Your Home In The Mayan Yucatan Peninsula Of Belize

Welcome to the intersection of Serenity & Paradise! We’re located close to the village of Consejo and Corozal Town. Santa Rita, the Mayan pyramid is located only at a distance of few miles from our subdivision, in the Corozal. The pyramid gives a beautiful glimpse of the ancient Mayan architecture and gives tourists a chance to go back into time and experience the Mayan culture.

Fortunately, we’re situated close to the Cerros Mayan archeological site. This means that once you come to Serenity Paradise, you can easily visit Cerros that is at a short distance from our subdivision. Stand atop a temple on the Cerros Mayan and enjoy the most spectacular panoramic views of the ancient Mayan civilization that existed over two thousand years ago.

A Look into the Cerros Maya Civilization

Luckily, Cerros is only a short while away from Serenity Paradise; a quick boat ride. The locals of the region often trace back their ancestry to the people of the civilization. These local villagers are a great source of information about the Mayan civilization, and attract many tourists from across the globe. From details about their trade, culture, food and interest in agriculture and fishing, these villagers keep you engaged with history and strong stories about the Mayan culture. Some of the locals, even till date, cook in Mayan kitchens and even speak the ancient language that they learnt from their parents and grandparents.

Cerros for Tourists

Serenity Paradise has great terms with the Copper Bank Inn, which is located near the Mayan historical site. Copper Bank Inn is near the Cerros Maya, which makes easy for tourists to take day trip of the ancient ruins in details and enjoy the historic sites. If you do not wish to walk or ride a bike to the place, our friends at Copper Bank Inn can introduce you to the caretaker of the Cerros Maya. The area has a center for visitors that offers a map of the ruins, and also showcased some ancient artefacts that archeologists, historians and scientists discovered over time. The Copper Bank Inn has had guests who were scientists visiting the ruins. These scientists often share their experiences and stories about their efforts to preserve and document the historical site.

Most photographers, scientists and historians who visit the Cerros Maya mostly choose the Copper Bank Inn for their stay and accommodation. This allows them to have a comfortable stay while staying in close proximity to their main attraction site. Photographers capture breathtakingly beautiful and scenic view of the historic structures, temples, ball courts and so many other sites in the Cerros. The beautiful wildlife, trees and flowers, plans and waters make it all the more worthwhile and amazing. The usual mode of communication for locals is the ferry and the boat. Boat rides are an experience of a lifetime as you pass by temples and other sites of the Mayan civilization before reaching Cerros.

A Boat Trip around the Cerros

When you’re in Belize, the most common type of mode of travel is by boat. From everyday errands to visiting archeological sites like the Mayan ruins, ferries are your best friend. A boat trip around the Cerros Peninsula makes you experience the Mayan civilization from an entirely different perspective. A little ahead of the Cerros site, there is the New River. This blue water river goes straight from Corozal Bay to the New River Lagoon. The latter is home of the Lamanai, one of the most renowned Mayan ruins. From your home in Serenity Paradise, you can easily have a long and enjoyable day trip to the ruins of the Lamanai. You can even get an extended trip for a rich Mayan experience, if you get to stay at the Copper Bank Inn.

Serenity Paradise is your best bet, if you want to hop on for some exciting Mayan adventure while enjoying other amazing archeological and entertaining sites in Belize.

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